Hi i am Craig an Alternative Essex wedding Photographer.

I’m a Alternative Essex wedding Photographer and father to three awesome kids and husband to one awesome wife – Kate. My life is full of love, laughter, coffee, kids, adventures, wine and a whole lot of craziness. Apart from being a Alternative London Wedding Photographer I have always loved documenting my life and capturing everything that unfolds around me how ever small. I am about creating something with purpose, starting from nothing and photographing everything you have planned and worked so hard to create. As well as delivering photos of your wedding, family and friends, I will capture the atmosphere, vibe and overall feel of your wedding. By doing this it really will stand the test of time as a lasting memory and become part of the heritage for you and your family parts of your wedding and hate being in the way. I want you to be relaxed around me so I won’t tell people what to do or ask them to carry bags of kit from room to room. It’s just me and my camera capturing natural moments, allowing you to enjoy the day you have planned for so long. I love adventure and my family is everything to me, if you want to see what I get up to when I am not shooting weddings have a nose at my Instagram @craigowilliams.

My wife well she’s not my wife but thats just what I call her! Yes can you believe it we are not married! She is a Colchester Wedding Photographer. She is obsessed with house plants and has made or house into an actual jungle. We met in a hostel in Brisbane Australia in 2001 we had never met before but lived in the same town in the Uk and studied at the same school and know the same people! True Story!    

My three kids are the most important thing in my life. My Daughter Marcie is beautiful, caring, happy and has the most amazing temper, she actually scares me on a daily bases and i feel like the child most of the time. She makes me happy and i love hanging out with her, she is my best friend and best dancing partner. Bodhi and Rowe my twin boys, they came into the world on a very bumpy road. Kate went through a lot physically and emotionally and when they were delivered and home after three weeks was the most amazing day ever. Bodhi is my adventure child he is always climbing and and exploring he gives the best cuddles and will eat literally anything. Rowe is my chilled out kid doesnt mind playing on his own and gives the best kisses, but dont get me wrong has a temper as strong as Marcie’s. He screams a lot.

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