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About Me


I have been photographing weddings all over the uk and overseas for a number of years. I started my photography career in 2002 as a commercial photographer and I still use everything I learnt to this day.

Travel is a massive part of life and I have photographed all over the globe in Places such as Hawaii, Bali, USA, Italy, Denmark, France and Switzerland.

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The easiest way to help me create a beautifully natural wedding story of your day is to be yourself. My couples tend to think outside the box and understand that honest real life connection is key. I let the laughter and happiness unfold and patiently capture real moments as they happen.

“Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future.” – Sally Mann.

Get in touch and tell me about your plans. The smallest detail can spark the biggest memory.

Our 15 seconds of fame

Once upon a time we made an advert with Ebay and it was so fun.

As a family we all got to hang out with the team from Ebay to make this amazing ad and well amazing family memory.

Family Life


Keeping me smiling since 2014

Marcie, Bodhi + Rowe


Kate is a content creator for brands. She is mother to our beautiful and cray cray kiddos. She is also an indoor plant collector.

These guys are everything and more to us. They are all massive plant lovers and help with plant care in the cutest way possible. We live in a small village outside London in the UK.

How it all started

I love your photography started 20 years ago was travelling around the world.

Like most people, I really enjoyed photographing landscapes and all of the beautiful places I was seeing. My photography direction quickly changed when I started finding a passion for photographing people in their everyday lives. My love of social photography continued once I returned home and promptly started picking up jobs photograph commercially for companies who needed trips documented such as musicians' preparations for a show or tourist board to visually document a city or town.

Wedding Photography started when a friend asked me to photograph his sister's wedding.

Once I had photographed one wedding I realised how much I enjoyed it.

That starting my career and I have never looked back. After photographing up to 60 weddings a year for the first couple of years, I have now refined that to 25 to give you the best possible experience.