The Copse Wedding

As I drove up to the Copse Wedding of Will and Daisy, I drove down a beautiful single track lane in Oxfordshire with big trees overhanging the road with their branches intertwined and knotted together blocking out all but a small amount of sun that just caught my eye. I slowly pulled past the gate for The Copses Wedding venue then into their driveway where the house stood upon above a large pond and an abundance of lush green trees and plants.
It probably sounds far fetched but this place is a stunning New England Cabin feel about it, the open Side Stretch Tent for the Wedding Breakfast just help encapsulate the overall perfect feel of this stunning place.
Will and the family were pitching in to help finish off all the personal touches and Daisy was just getting into her dress and making sure their son and daughter ready to play their part.
Penny (Will's mum) is also the owner of The Copses Wedding venue so this place was even more personal to them.
Jenny Hewitt their awesome wedding planner was on hand to make sure everything went to plan she even got me loads of pizza so she is 100% ace in my book.

Daisy was not massively keen on having her photo taken, but I made Will and the kids to have a chat and try and convince her to come for a walk to get some family pictures if nothing else.
Also, I think the beautiful sunset helped with the whole idea.

I shoot a lot of  Documentary Wedding Photography but to be in that location with the sunset and not get some pictures for the wall is just criminal.

Thanks again to Penny, Jenny and Will and Daisy for having me there.

The Copse Wedding The Copse Wedding The Copse Wedding The Copse Wedding The Copse Wedding The Copse Wedding

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