I am Instagram’s craigowilliams and I live with a constant fear.

Its like a reoccurring nightmare that has been imbedded in my head since the day I started shooting with a digital camera.

That fear is that I never print anything and all the pictures I have ever taken in my personal and professional life just disappear.

With the continued advances in technology and our constant thirst for the latest gadget this is something that is becoming a part of everyday life.

Over the last few months I have be searching for a way of bringing all of my pictures to life in print form in a book you know like the good old days but with todays technology.

I found the Canon Hd Photo book.

Its so sexy!

The print quality is exceptional with so much fine detail, and the colours are so vibrant and true to life. Its has beautiful binding and lays flat on my coffee table and its all wrapped in and stunning printed hardcover.

The whole process of this book is a joy.

You can find out a tonne of information here http://www.canon.co.uk/hdbook/

The software can be download or like me just design it online.

I just grouped all the images I wanted to use in one folder on my desktop then uploaded them onto the website. From there is the fun bit paying with the provided layouts and adding texted and making the book your own.

Our Twins Bodhi and Rowe are one on the 20th November so I thought this would be a great gift for Kate as I told her i would do one when Marcie was one but life just gets in the way but not anymore Kate is going to think I’m next level awesome after this =)

This is a great Christmas idea, get on it and miss the Christmas rush.

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