Guernsey Wedding Photographer

The Guernsey wedding Photographer's couple.

This was my first time being a Guernsey Wedding Photographer. Jo and Jonty made me so excited to just arrive on the island I even had a care package waiting for me when I arrived. These guys were so much fun, and they wanted all their family friends to have fun. Jonty looked super stylish in his Tuxedo, and Jo looked incredibly stunning in her Justin Alexander dress from Angelica Bridal in Camden. 

The Guernsey Wedding

The wedding took place in Guernsey, An island 30 miles west of Normandy, France. With its rugged coastline is and incredible views, it is a superb place to get married. They chose the beautiful St Pierre to hold their reception, styled and designed by Bonita Events.
The Sun shone all day, and we even had a chance to walk along the waterfront for pictures and have plenty of fun with bridesmaids and Groomsman group shots on the tennis court.

The Guernsey Wedding photography

For couples portraits, we headed to the bathing pools and walked along the coastline this Guernsey Wedding Photographer shot along the way. 
They chose the picturesque St Pierre Park Hotel Spa and Golf Resort, Where they had a tent on the grounds, which was styled and supplied by the fabulous Bonita Events. The tent was filled with beautiful textures, patterned rugs, a peacock chair, seagrass flooring, and palms which brought a chic boho vibe. Bonita Was great to work with, making everything stress-free and seamless. Her attention to detail is remarkable, and the wedding reception planning was impeccable.
Jo and Jonty's passion for tennis meant we went to the courts for some champaign spraying groups shots of them and their bridal party. 


These guys knew how to party. They danced before the sitdown meal, and I don't believe they would have stopped if their food hadn't come out. The speeches were emotional and hilarious all at the same time. They had a cool band and partied hard into the night.


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Bonita Events Guernsey
Bonita Events Guernsey
Bonita Events Guernsey
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