Craig Williams wedding photographer

Pre Wedding Questions

Hi folks, this won’t take long we promise. If you could fill in as much information here as possible for us then it will give me everything I need so that we don’t have to pester you or the Wedding party on the day. If we could get this back with a few days to spare that would be amazing so that if we need to make any arrangements for you then we’ve got the time to do it.

Lastly, a few quick things to remember for the morning of the wedding…

  • Try to clear the room of any clutter, especially if you’re getting ready at home rather than in a hotel room. Anything that you wouldn’t want to be seen in the photographs, plastic bags, giant teddy bears, clothes over the bed – we can’t photoshop these things out afterwards sorry!
  • Finally, in order to get the best pictures during preparations the bigger, lighter the room and the less clutter the better.

Pre Wedding Questions

  • As you have seen in the many examples of my work, I do not do many overly posed photographs on your wedding day. However, I do feel it important to have some casually posed images with your close friends and family on this important occasion. In order to make the process less time consuming and confusing for all parties, I suggest assigning the job to one or two of the Wedding party. Try keeping them to a maximum of 6-8 groups as it's normally 5-6 min per group. If you could list the name of the people in the photo, along with their relation to you, that would be most helpful.